What is EFT?

EFT is “an emotional version of acupuncture without needles”. The process works by tapping on the meridian points while tuning into the emotions of the pain or problem.

EFT is a fast, easy and effective modern therapy and coaching technique which often get results even when other techniques have been unsuccessful and generates results that are FAR beyond those of conventional methods.

EFT connects the mind, body and emotions via the body’s energy system to help you eliminate or alleviate any emotional, mental or physical issue.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Level 1, Certified by NFNLP

About this course

This EFT 1 Course has proven perfect for those interested in taking back control of their own wellbeing, and for anyone wanting to learn and apply the basic recipe of tapping to improve their working and home lives. It is a simple and powerful tool to help you feel better naturally.

You will learn

  • Thestory of how EFT was born
  • The Science of EFT
  • Psychological reversal and secondary gain
  • The EFT process
  • EFT for pains, cravings, memories, phobias
  • Preserve and protect energy for self and others
  • Muscle testing for intolerances and toxins
  • Learn how to eliminate pains, phobias, cravings, bothersome memories.